Thursday, May 01, 2008

Picture Post

As we left for Bath early on her birthday morning, Pearlie opened her pressies on the train. I think this is a rather lovely picture.

Here we are on a boat trip in the early evening of the same day. We were really lucky with the weather.

This is the point where the boat turns round.

This is the family gathering, once we were back home. It was a lovely day in the park. I am mulling a post all about the park, what it means to us as a family and how central it has turned out to be in the lives of our children. I look quite bizarre in the photo, don't you think? I was trying to shield the candles from the breeze but it looks rather like i'm preparing to slap poor Pearlie round the head!

Electrician came today and fitted us with lovely, new fuse box to replace the two old (about thirty years?) boxes. I feel very re-assured that it is all safe and checked.

We have an education student popping round in the morning to interview us about home ed. Better tidy up a bit...


Lisa G said...

Great photos, Bath is such a fab place, I want to live there!

Gill said...

Yes, lovely pics. I really enjoyed those :-) Looking forward to park post!