Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We had a good day of bits and bobs on Monday. There was some Taboo playing, computering, making of things and reading. Dani and Pearlie went to B&Q to get a new kettle and a plug for our embryonic pond. We’re going to fix it in with bathroom sealant. Leo and I bathed Bunny and I gave him a hefty fur-cut at his back end. As he gets older, he is more inclined to just sit in wee etc. – charming! We did a little trip up to the park and brought Bunny some dandelion leaves.

The kids have been meaning to write some lyrics for an original song they’re working on at Squeezebox. Pearlie went off with the rhyming dictionary and got started. I offered input when I was asked and Leo joined in too. I think it’s a promising start.

Yesterday morning was rather slow but included Boggle, cards and quizzes on the Newsround website. Dani was at work for the day. After lunch with Fawlty Towers (to distract poor P from persistent hiccups!) we went off for their Squeezebox band session. I think this went well. I read the local paper while I waited for them and did Sudoku on my phone. Then we went up to the park where some home edders were gathered. Pearlie chatted with friends and so did I. Leo spent an exhausting couple of hours being Indiana Jones. He got involved in a game where a bigger boy (of about twelve) had a stick and Leo and a couple of mates were trying to capture it. Leo was thrilled to find that his whip (bit of light rope) actually wrapped round this stick. This was clearly tiring stuff as he is only just awake now – 10.15am on Wednesday.

Dani and I were awake very late and saw some of the thunder storm. It was a wild one.

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