Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ups and downs and miserable internetty do dahs

We’ve been having infuriating internet probs, which were down to Orange, not us. Here’s hoping the computer can actually get to Blogger when I’ve finished this!

It’s been a busy few days. Yesterday nearly wiped me out, for some reason.

Highlights have been:

  • Dani and the kids watched an aerial tango on the seafront – sounds good, doesn’t it? Strange, though, because when we did ballroom we were told that the Tango was danced very ‘into the ground’.
  • They also went to some open art houses (happens every year as part of festival fringe) and saw beautiful paintings of sky.
  • Leo started at the home ed art group (he and P are going alternate weeks) and enjoyed it.
  • Pearlie had an enjoyable visit to the grandmothers’ house.
  • Doctor Who with giant wasp and Agatha Christie was fab. I liked spotting all the book titles in the dialogue and some of the other word play jokes.
  • Pearlie made our full house number and street name out of Lego and stuck it in her window.
  • Leo has been Indiana Jones a lot. He is sleeping in his hat, going everywhere with a bit of orange rope and made himself a cardboard holy grail.

Not good bits:

  • Having a half hour wait for my bus home from work on Monday night. This was after manic day involving lots of rushing about and ending with the joyful discovery that someone had piled six volumes of the OED under their desk. Decided they’d been using them as a footstool. Work is just SO busy at the mo.
  • Leo having a nasty headache today. We are wondering if he has migraine tendencies after a recent headache which involved throwing up. He’d had pasta for lunch and I think he’d had a blood sugar crash during the afternoon.
  • Dani and I having to face the sad demise of our two favourite shirts. Both shirts have been in our lives longer than the children! Have I ever mentioned that we’re not very into buying new clothes?
  • Ups and downs of busy life with tired people.


mamacrow said...

just de-lurking to agree with your comments re Agatha Christie Dr Who - totally fab episode that combiened two of my obsessions!

been reading your blog as we live just down the coast in Eastbourne, and will be homeschooling all 5 of our kids (11, 7, 4, 2 and 9 mnths, the eldest two are just finishing out this school year) as of septmeber.

so your blog counts as research/preparation! :0

Allie said...

Hi there! Ooer, we're research... There's a thriving home ed scene in Eastbourne if groups are your thing.

Em said...

can you recycle the shirts into something else?

I had an old old pair of army boots that finally wore out. They had no soles on them, I was walking on shiny wood. They leaked through cracks in the leather.

I gave in.

Got a new pair.

And used the old pair to plant flowers in :) I bought them when I was 14 couldn't throw them out!

Allie said...

That's a fab idea. Pencil cases, maybe...

Di said...

Re expiring shirts--do you know the story of the Blue Coat? Here is someone else's rendition of it (found by googling): http://happytracksinthesnow.wordpress.com/2007/11/07/synchronicity-1-buttons/
It's one of our favourites here.

(Sorry about the non-link)

mamacrow said...

yeah, the Shinies are great! (am taking the younger ones at the mo, to get them, particularly the 4yr old, happy with it first. Plus its just too good to miss)

the shirts - block patchwork cushion cover?