Thursday, May 01, 2008

We’re Ba-ack!

Well, that was a strange experience – nearly a month with no internet at home. Apologies to all those to whom we owe emails and so on. I lapsed back into a pre-internet state and actually got quite calm about it. I have read more books and watched some old videos. Dani was looking decidedly twitchy by the middle of last week (she says it was actually by the second day!) and I think she is very relieved to be back online. The kids were pretty ok with it, though they missed i-player.

A catch-up is impossible. Here’s a few things, in no particular order.

Pearlie had her eleventh birthday last week. We went to Bath for an overnight stay and bought her a new bicycle there. It is a rather fabby Dahon and should last her forever, or until she reaches 6 foot 4!

Bath was lovely. We stayed in a Travelodge room for £26 and crammed in lots of fun. We went on a little boat trip up the river, in the beautiful, early evening sun. We also visited the Bath Fashion Museum and went to Pizza Express for a birthday meal.

We all enjoyed a sunny, family gathering in the park in honour of P’s birthday.

I have been enjoying a continuing dalliance with the writing of Ali Smith. I was mesmerised by Hotel World and have read two of her books of short stories too.

Leo has been prompted to learn a joined up writing style by Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide. We bought a little workbooky thing, which goes through each join in turn, and he’s doing some every day. He is pleased with it and has abandoned his previous writing style (mixture of upper and lower case letters) and is using it all the time.

Pearlie has been enjoying all her birthday presents. She got lots of Jessops vouchers and has had a lovely splurge of processing. Some of her pictures are gorgeous. She got a plant for her room and some lights for her new bike, and is planning to buy an i-pod. She got clothes, too, and has been looking very sophisticated.

Leo is back to reading the end of the Amber Spyglass but has also started The Hobbit.

Dani has made lots of progress with her big, celtic knot blanket.

Pearlie went away for a weekend camp with her Woodcraft group. She had a great time, including playing games in the dark! Leo got to choose dinners while she was away and we ate lots of veggie lasagne and fruit crumbles.

We’ve bought tickets for an exciting Festival show, which we’re all looking forward to. Dani and I have also treated ourselves to tickets to see kd Lang in August. It’ s Pride weekend so everyone should be on a high. If you want an example of how spine tingling kd can be, when singing live, then check this out on YouTube.
Anyway, better get some sleep as electrician is coming tomorrow to fit the new fuse box.


Gill said...

Hurray!! Welcome back xx

Happy birthday Pearl!

peri said...

Welcome back!

Belated happy birthday wishes to Pearl - fabbo bike!

We love Bath - we're camping quite near there in Sept (cheats camping - 1920 stylie tents with beds and a loo!!) and all of us are so excited to be going back to Bath again. This time I am determined to get to the Jane Austen museum.

Liza said...

yay! welcome back to cyberland, you've been missed!

Happy Birthday P x

a said...

You're back - Missed you!
Happy Birthday Pearl
Sounds like some lovely times have been had.
*is a bit jarred by kd lang wearing a skirt*

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Very glad you are writing online again.

Happy Birthday to Pearl too :)

EF x

Minnie said...

Welcome back and Happy birthday to Pearl:o)) It's Annie's this weekend. She's being let loose with a bit of retail therapy for hers.

I love KD Lang. Excellent.

Would you mind me asking when the Pride weekend is?

Allie said...

It's August 2nd/3rd down here.

Nic said...

Yay, you're back :) Missed you all lots and was only thinking about you earlier today and wandering when you'd be back online. Did you manage to rescue stuff from your computer ok?
Happy belated birthday to P - Bath sounds lovely, somewhere on our list of places to visit definitely.

Allie said...

Yeah, we have our old hard disk as a spare (onto which we will back up our files...) and I am very happy 'cause I had some stories on there.

Minnie said...

Thank you.