Monday, June 23, 2008

Be prepared

We are very prepared here. We are so prepared you could arrive with a troop of boy scouts wanting to toast marshmallows and sing campfire songs in our kitchen and we would not be ruffled.

This week we are prepared for:

  • Pearlie’s new book group, which met tonight. Actually, we did that at the weekend, when we bought Return of the Hundred Mile an Hour Dog and she read it in a day and a bit.
  • Allie’s writing group, which is meeting here tomorrow. This has involved unbelievable amounts of cleaning and tidying (achieved heroically by Allie), some rearranging of furniture, the purchase of a basket to contain my overflowing knitting, and plans for a simultaneous movie screening on another floor of the house (with popcorn).
  • An archaeological dig at Kids Club, in which a replica of Queen Elizabeth 1’s locket ring, lovingly rendered in Fimo by Leo, will be unearthed.
  • HESFES. We are almost packed, except for all the things we keep remembering that we have forgotten to pack. We are now onto the last minute packing list and a very long list of Things to do before we leave.
This is on top of the usual preparations of life. Pearlie went to three groups altogether today – Kids Club, where she made houmous, straight on to Art, where they painted music, and then the aforementioned book group, where she got very muddy. She also fitted in some packing, a game of rummy, and a good discussion of infinity.

Leo spent the day in more meandering pursuits, including eating fresh berries and pasta with home-made pesto at the grandmothers’ house; digging up potatoes and treasure at the grandmothers’ allotment; and watering plants (and the grandmothers, and himself) using a hose with a mist setting. He’s also been exploring the games on the CBBC website, especially Run, which he enjoys a lot.

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Jenny said...

I'm really looking forward to reading all about HESFES when you return! I can identify with the 'being prepared' thing too, my hours is choc full of camping stuff at the mo too!