Monday, June 16, 2008

Children and lyrics

In conversation today, I was reminded how, as a child, I understood the following lyrics.

"Cecilia, you're breaking my heart,
You're shaking my confidence daily."

I though that Confidence Daily was like Daily Mail. I had visions of this naughty woman flapping the newspaper around. Leave his Confidence Daily alone!

Anyone else got examples of these? I'm collecting them.


Grit said...

there was a song about Mrs Robinson as well. i was convinced it was about our neighbour, Mrs Robinson. it just didn't matter that it didn't make any sense; that she wasn't american and the lyrics didn't match.

mamacrow said...

well there's that oooold story about a kid that named her bear 'Gladly' after the cross eye'd bear in the hymn... (Gladly the cross I bare... say it fast :)

and I thought 'give us peace' in a prayer at church was 'give us peas' and for YEARS i thought John Lennons 'give peace a chance' was 'give hippies a chance'.

Oh and at school for 'Highly Favoured Lady' at xmas we'ed sing 'highly flavoured gravey' tho that was intentional so not quite what you want, is it?

Gill said...

'Good King Wences last looked out on the feast of Stephen'. I used to wonder why he hadn't looked out since then. Bed bound? Eye problems? Dirty windows? Poor guy.

But then (aged about 8) I also used the term "ferrinstance" in a ponderous essay, and wondered why the teacher fell about laughing.

hwga said...

I used to think KD Lang's "Contant Craving" was "can't stand gravy". I knew it wasn't right but couldn't work out what it should be!

Allie said...

Ooh, great! Some crackers there.

I've got a nice little anecdote to put up about something L mis-saw tonight. Will do it later.

Anonymous said...

Heeere ye go:

I used to listen to the weather and hear "fairy warm". I also used to think we were taking the 'fairy' to the Isle of Man instead of the ferry.

I once in all innocence regaled my grandparents with how when my mum talked about being on the pill that I saw she and I rolling down a road in Balham sitting atop a gigantic pill (a bit like a penny farthing). My grandad's face turned purple.

My kids with their two languages sometimes mix up their english and say stuff like: "Let's listen to the radiator" (radio).

I rememember running away from home for a day when I overheard a boyfriend of my mothers saying to her "I'll give you a ring." (I thought he meant a wedding ring).

oh there's more, lol.

EF x

obeerg said...

We dont need no education.
We dont need no thought control.
No dukes of hazard in the classroom.
Teacher, leave those kids alone.

I'm not even going to try to explain... but I will admit I only found out the real lyrics last week, when my husband had hysterics at my singing...

mamacrow said...

oh, my eldest when 2yrsold had very curly hair, some what difficult to brush. One day I was labouring away at it and he wailed 'there are triangles in my hair!'

no dukes of hazard in the classroom! ROTFWL!

Allie said...

Great, I love these. I spent a long time failing to see how, Gill, you mistook Wenceslas for past. Then I remembered that not everyone says *larst*...

emma said...

Joseph and the Amazing technicolour dreamcoat:

"But his wife would never tow the line."

tow the line???? Like, pull a rope around?

(it's all there in chapter 39

of Genesis

tum tiddle-y um tum)

Anonymous said...

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody used to sound like this to me- "sparing his life on his born sausagey. Easy come, easy go will you let me go? "yes Wilma, no!we will not let him go"

mamacrow said...

now i've got joseph in my head for the rest of the evening!

Nic said...

'Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can'

I used to think this was in defense of Spiderman doing the best he could rather than being able to do all the things that spiders were able to.

And PMSL at the Dukes of Hazzard in the classroom!