Monday, June 16, 2008

Performing children and writing day

On Saturday evening, the children played in the Squeezebox Rocks gig, with the rest of their band – Duck Rock. They did really well. Pearlie was singing as well as drumming, which looks incredibly hard. Leo wore his new hat. They played:

"1234" by Feist

"Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day

"Sunny Afternoon" by the Kinks

An interesting mix, I’m sure you’ll agree. We didn’t take any photos this time. Our camera isn’t really up to the job. But we’re possibly going to get a video camera at some point, which will mean we can make films of them. Mind you, we seem to keep spending money at the mo, regardless of whether or not we can actually spare it from the budget!

I went to a writing workshop today and learned more about magical realism. It was a good day, though quite tiring. I came home on a high and went to check the website of a short story competition I had entered. I found that I’d made the long list, which was quite a thrill for me. I haven’t entered many competitions. I'm feeling very happy about writing again. I think I need it. Dani and I were talking the other day about having a creative outlet and how many adults lose that in their lives.

Dani and the kids had spent some time playing with cousins in the park. Then this evening we started the long, slow process of HESFES packing. We have to do a complete pack and see if we can actually move with that much luggage. If we can't, we have to blag more car space for some of our gear and/or weed it again. We’re going very light on clothes this year so if you see some very grubby people who look like us, they’ll be us!

We also watched Doctor Who, which I thought was excellent. The kids both found it very scary. I thought it did a great job of portraying the violence of the mob and the threat of ‘the other’. A stylish episode with very little in the way of special effects.

Everyone is rather tired here. I think it’s the after effect of all the adrenalin before the gig. I was also anxious about waking in time for my workshop today and made Dani check the time on her phone at 6.25am! We need a clock in our bedroom...


Lisa G said...

That's a very eclectic playlist, interesting choices. We loved the Dr Who episode as well, I think this series has been excellent apart from a couple of early episodes.

mamacrow said...

i've found far less duds this season than last season. in fact I can't think of ANY I didn't love this season!

From the trailer I was dreading this one but it actually very good. Looking forward to the 3parter (tho of course then we'll have to wait till the next season...)