Friday, July 25, 2008


It’s been a good few days here. As I was stuffing clean, dry sleeping bags back into stuff sacks this afternoon, I realised that I am very happy that we will be at home for the next few months. Pearlie has a couple of camps coming up, one with Woodcraft and one with other home edders, but the rest of us are settled down here. Pride is on the horizon, along with our night out to see kd lang. There’s time for some day trips to the beach hut and possibly a couple further afield. But several days like the last few would suit me fine too.

On Wednesday, Dani was at work in the morning and I dropped the kids off with her at lunchtime. They went off to the lagoon for a friend’s birthday party, which was great fun, apparently. I went to work for the afternoon.

Dani and the kids went down to the main library in the morning to swap some books. The kids are doing the summer reading thing that they usually do. I got a couple of hours to work on a new story, which I relished. Pearlie went off to her games group in the afternoon. Everyone had finished designing and making their games and it was time to play them. Leo and Dani hung out at home. Leo has bought the DVD of the Spiderwick Chronicles so he’s watching that a lot.

Today, Dani was at work all day and the kids and I started the day with a quick trip to a branch library to return a game and a jigsaw. I was starting to feel scolded by the Boggle, staring at me from the shelf! I was feeling indulgent, so made three different lunches – eggy bread, pasta and salad. Then we had a very content afternoon doing our own things. Pearlie did a little bit of writing in French, reading her Roman Mysteries book, chalking on the pavement and playing on her scooter. Leo watched his movie again and then set to work on a new field guide. He is using watercolours and a dipping pen and ink – you should see his hands... He also popped outside to chalk a safe circle around the house. As we live in a terrace, he had to content himself with a line! I did some laundry, washed up over and over again and made a banana cake. I also found time to read 160 pages of a book of short stories I’d picked up at the library. I’ve never read anything by the author before but I really like his stories – a bit dark and twisted. I also managed to have a little snooze on the sofa, while P trundled up and down the street on wheels and Leo painted at the kitchen table.



peri said...

I just finished a book of short stories by Neil Gaiman, which was brilliant and darkly absorbing. Not heard of the author you're reading - must give him a try - the write up looks intriguing.

Coincidence but we were at the Lagoon yesterday - J loves the skate park and has now decided he wants to learn to windsurf so I envisage many more afternoons there.

mamacrow said...

Sorry, I'm v late in commenting here, but I've read Smoke and Mirrors (short stories) by Neil Gaiman which is awesome - in fact, I have it - and you might try Poppy Z Bright. Her short stories are awesome - very very dark, but utterly compelling and weirdly beautiful.

I can't recommend her first novel though (um, Beautiful Corpse?) something like that) it got a bit too dark for me and not beautiful enough.