Thursday, July 10, 2008


OK, so I said I’d blog conversation. Here are a couple of recent examples.

The other night, Pearlie said, “why is there a credit crunch?” One of the main things she learned then is that her mothers are rather ill-informed when it comes to economics! But I did tell her she can always ask her uncle who understands economics properly, in a real, joined up way. But we talked a bit about related things – supply and demand, value, and so on. Here’s a bit that I can remember.

Pearlie: “So, if oil prices are high then countries that produce oil should be doing well, yes?”

Allie: “Erm...”

Pearlie: “But they have oil in Egypt, don’t they?”

Allie: “Yes.”

Pearlie: “So why have there been food riots in Egypt then?”

Allie: “Well, just because some people in a country may be wealthy that doesn’t mean everyone is, does it?”

Pearlie: “No, that’s right. I guess it’s rich people, shareholders, who’d benefit, isn’t it?”

In this kind of conversation, Pearlie gets the opportunity to check things out that she’s read and seen and fit it together. She knows about shareholders mainly from conversation, I think, and food riots from news reports. I have to say that our subscription to First News is money very well spent too. It always gets read and I think that it does a reasonable job at giving background for the news stories that P sees on the tv, and so on.

One day when we were at HESFES, Leo suddenly asked Dani,

“If you’ve got two eyes, how come you only see one image?”

Dani explained the role of the brain in sight and Leo said,

“How can a brain be made? How did the first human brain grow?”

This led on to a discussion about evolution (which Leo knows about from fossils and dinosaurs) and how this process might have happened. Leo wondered if one day a creature who was not herself human gave birth to the first human child. This was just a quick conversation as they walked between the tent and the main marquee.

Tonight, however, Pearlie got a bit of a monologue from me! We were watching a programme about the digital enhancement of photographs in glossy magazines. A young girl was having her breasts slit and lumps of plastic put in. Now, I’m of the opinion that breasts of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and so wish that women could believe that. I burbled on in this vein (as I tend to when I see such things) and then grabbed our poor, unsuspecting daughter and hugged her tight and said,

“Don’t ever do that, will you Pearlie?”

But I think that’s a worry I won’t dwell on as it turns out that P is really hard line and reckons that cosmetic surgery should be banned except in cases of medical need! I can’t think where she gets this tendency towards strong opinions ;-)


Em said...

Have been meaning to subscribe to First News for ages, thanks for the reminder!

And I love these conversations, particularly as sometimes it really challenges me to be able to explain something in enough detail that I've answered the question, but simply enough that my 6 year olds can grasp it!

We had an interesting conversation about if you can die from not brushing your teeth that seemed to cover all kinds of infections by the end of it! And all in about 20 mins I think whilst driving from one place to another.

Gill said...

“But they have oil in Egypt, don’t they?” Allie: “Yes.” Pearlie: “So why have there been food riots in Egypt then?”

What a brilliant question. I can see that Pearlie is going to follow in her mothers' footsteps! (If she's not already.)

Leo's also obviously thinking very logically as well, isn't he?

I think asking questions is a strong sign that you're doing something right. A lot of children never ask questions of their parents. My older three stopped when they went to school and didn't start again until years later.