Friday, July 25, 2008

My way to work

It was a lovely day yesterday, so I thought I'd photograph my journey to work.

This is the smelly corner at the bus stop. People wee here. People smoke here. Low point of journey.

I don't usually have long to wait for one of these.

I often get off a stop or two early to walk some of this. There's a horrid A road on the other side of the bushes, but I try to tune it out.

I cross these tracks. I love this station. It is originally from the 1860s but was re-built in the 1890s. It has a Victorian post box set in the wall and an old signal room with tea towels drying on the levers.

I often meet rabbits about here.

This is the field where they are planning to build a football stadium. Don't ask...

This is the view from my office window.

The view from upstairs in the library. Excellent for day dreaming.

Aaaah! Smell the knowledge... Lots of my work is based on the use of electronic resources now, of course, but you can't beat a row of books, or, in this case, journals...


Liza said...

bleurgh! thank you for the lovely photo of the wee/cigarette filled bus shelter. the rest of the pics are much more pleasing to the eye!

peri said...

I love the area around Falmer - lovely photos.

dawny said...

wow what a nice journey to work :-)

mamacrow said...

ahhhh, this brings back memories. I did my degree (library and information, actually) at Moulsecombe (it was the first year after the move down from Falmer) but I often went to Falmer, and did some holiday work cataloguing in the resource centre there.

Anonymous said...

Yes- just as the photo of the books came up I could smell them!

Thanks for sharing with us Allie, that was a lovely journey :)

EF x

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a nice way to start a day at work.