Friday, August 08, 2008

Lovely London

We had a great day out in London today, just the four of us. The day got off to a wobbly start as Leo was having something of a footwear crisis but we all perked up once we got on the train.

We started with a little stroll along the South bank

to the Hayward Gallery where we saw this wonderful crocheted coral reef.

It was more than a little overwhelming to read about the plastic rubbish patch in the North Pacific. I felt like I was surrounded by plastic for the rest of the day.

Then we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. We’d never really been there before and I think we have probably been wise to wait until people were a bit older. It certainly isn’t jammed full of buttons to press and such like, but both the kids are now of an age to really enjoy looking at beautiful things and reading the info. Leo was in his element, sketching things in a little note book and glorying in all the treasure. He told me he could happily live there! He liked the sacred silver best and we spent quite a while looking at reliquaries and so on. Pearlie mostly explored on her own and was very taken with the jewellery gallery. Leo bought himself a ring with ‘an emerald’ in it and Pearlie bought some bright pink boot laces. We spent a hideous amount on some snacks and drinks but enjoyed them in the garden, where the sun had finally come out.

We travelled home on a rather crowded commuter train and ate cheese on toast when we got in. A good day.


Lisa G said...

We love the V and A and like you am very glad that we waited until the kids were old enough to appreciate the beauty.

mamacrow said...

the crocheted coral reef is mind blowing!

I'd love to know who came up with the idea and why?!

Though I have to say, it really does look awesome... I wonder how long it took and how many people worked on it?

Dani said...

It's an inspiring story. Have a look at this site for the background and some more photos.

I wish I could crochet...

mamacrow said...

wow. that's amazing. thanks Dani