Monday, August 25, 2008

We got our girl back

and we have been a tad busy since. We went to two different parties yesterday and didn’t get home from the second until nearly midnight. The kids slept in this morning and we haven’t managed to make it further than the corner shop. I have just made some cheese scones for tea and I anticipate a quiet evening. We have managed to unpack P’s bags and I helped her tidy her room. Leo and I have done a bit of work on reading music. He has been playing from memory so far. We also dug out an old video of a BBC adaptation of Five Children and It, which was lovely.

Pearlie had a great time at camp. She got her Folk name, which is just for others in the Folk to know, apparently. She did kayaking, played a wide game, stayed up very late and so on. She also did various craft things and made a lovely clay face. I am so impressed with the way she looks after herself at camp (though she has a lovely group leader there too). She set up a line to dry her stuff (though the rain foiled that!) and told us she’d worn her Dani-made wool socks for campfire times, to keep her feet warm. It is a lovely feeling to see her growing up and having such fun without us. But it’s still wonderful to have her home!

Friday was our last day without P and I took Leo for a brief swim at the local pool. I’m not that much fun for playing with in the pool. I can’t even dive to the bottom. I blame this on my own, which is very buoyant... But Leo swam some lengths with me - using his own special stroke. He moves each limb in turn and is quite uninterested in learning a more orthodox stroke.

Dani is knitting Pearlie a beautiful rainbow cardigan. P is very much into rainbow things at the moment – and colour generally. She made a gorgeous tie-dye t-shirt at camp.

Right, we have a nice week ahead. Dani will be taking the kids on a day trip to visit cousins D and S, who are staying at a fairly local caravan park. Pearlie has a one day girls’ football day to go to as well. I am hoping to get a bit of writing time – editing some stories to submit to competitions. Leo has suddenly become very fond of moths (a creature I am a bit silly about!) and is reading books, printing pictures off the internet and seeking live specimens around the house. I will not shudder...


Gill said...

Ah.. lovely feeling when they come home! Sounds like she had a fabulous time. The knitting sounds impressive too. As for the moths... well, yes they are interesting creatures, aren't they? And very.. ew.. fluttery! I just wish they'd stop eating our clothes.

Gill said...

PS: fingers crossed for competitions.

Allie said...

Thanks, Gill. I am ok with little moths - it's the ones with big, fat bodies that freak me out a bit. Luckily they're not a pest we have (except that time with meal moths). Creatures of our house are mainly woodlice, springtails and silverfish, which all love our ancient, crumbly walls and damp basement. Dehumidifiers are my friends!

HelenHaricot said...

i am not fond of mosps [as they are currently called in our house!]
def lovely to have children back home.
also fingers crossed for competitions.
also, i like the blogpost link you have! works well as an rss feed
aaah, i am so terrible at this word verifiction lark. i am sure i have a problem.

mamacrow said...

moths, fine. silverfish... (SHUDDER)