Monday, August 04, 2008

We heart kd

Dani and I went to see kd Lang last night. We had a wonderful time. As Dani said, if you only get to go out for the evening a few times a year, that was certainly the right choice. She sang a range of her stuff (and a couple of other people’s – including Hallelujah (Hallelujah!) - to a wildly appreciate crowd. It was a fairly mixed crowd too, in terms of ages and sexuality, though not too many youngsters. It was a shock to realise that the fond memories I have of seeing her in 1992/3 were so very long ago.

My mum was there too, while her partner babysat for us. Two of my mum’s friends were there, who walked home with her while D and I wandered up our hill, chatting. I find it amazing that someone’s voice can make all the hairs on my arms and legs stand on end. How?? We talked about music and humanity and sensuality. Then we talked a bit about religion and how perhaps it is no surprise if religions are sometimes anxious or disapproving about certain (sometimes virtually all) music when it has such power. In my atheist day dreams of heaven I’ve always imagined it as a nest of fluffy white clouds where I’d get to roll about naked and angelic versions of my favourite singers would drift by on big feathery wings to croon to me. No offence to anyone for whom such things are more real – this is just a non-believer story telling.

Anyway, apart from our lovely evening out, we’ve been pottering about. Pride was huge but certainly dented, in numbers and spirit, by the weather. Yesterday we were in town eating bagels in a window, watching rather subdued Pride tourists traipsing around the shops trying to have fun in the chilly wind and occasional showers. We were in town so the kids could browse around and we could get a new ironing board cover. I am putting off trying to fit it as, in my experience, they are horrid things when free from the packet and tend to develop lumps and pucker up and otherwise fail to be a flat surface. The kids bought bits and bobs. Pearlie’s favourite shop is currently Paper Chase, which is rather lovely. Leo likes to spend a lot of time in bookshops so that’s no hardship either. But, we were all a bit tired and fed up with the chilly wind. Today looks beautiful but we have a mum change-over at lunchtime and a supermarket shop arriving this morning, so we’re indoors.

While we were out last night, the kids were creating – Leo was painting and Pearlie making bracelets – and playing story consequences with the babysitting grandmother. I’ve got to go and read the stories now and then I think we’ll play some board games and other such relaxing stuff.

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